Telecommunications/Fiber Optics

Integrated VoIP Telecommunications Systems

Keeping you connected to clients no matter where you are.

The Past

Years ago, keeping connected was as simple as walking across the hall to a co-worker or making a call from a rotary phone to deliver a message. Modern day work-from home and teleworking alternatives have placed telephony systems in high demand.


Looking Forward

Pro Designs assists the client with determining their own user profile.  In determining your profile, we take many factors into consideration including: your scope of mobility, business size, expansion goals, and the specifications of your existing network infrastructure. Taking various factors into consideration will assist us with customization and with designing a solution that will best suit your current and future business needs.

Integrating Technology

Many business and organizations stress the importance of mobility and flexibility.

Today’s modern and technologically savvy businesses and organizations are looking for solutions that unite their multiple modes of communication including: personal desktop computers, iPads, tablets, handsets, cell phones, and or other mobile device. It has become increasingly important to have the ability to link multiple modes simultaneously.

VoIP Telephony Systems

Pro Designs can efficiently equip your business with modern VoIP telephony systems from leading and reputable manufacturers such as ESI, Mitel, and Avaya /Nortel. A modern VoIP telephony systems would enable prevalent features such as visual voice-mail the ability to locate and route communications to you via cell phone, land line, at home, and back to your office voice mail.

Modern Solutions

Call on Pro Designs to assess your current network, telephone system, and infrastructure to discover avenues to incorporate existing modes into a pristine and modern solution complete with  upgrades and improvements required to maintain the security and integrity of your mode of operation.

It’s a new day and time. Businesses are constantly in need of VoIP solutions that will allow mobility and an ever increasing level of elasticity and flexibility.