Security/Access Control

Lack of Internal Security and Access Control

The nature, size, or location of your business doesn’t matter.  Studies show that you are most likely at risk of falling victim to employee theft. Unfortunately, employees steal from their employer for many reasons ranging from pre-planned theft to stealing simply because the opportunity suddenly presents itself.
One of the most prevalent causes of employee theft is the lack of strong internal security controls. Recent studies show that businesses with 100 employees or less had an astounding rate of 47% in terms of employee theft. Businesses with strong internal controls gain the employee’s respect and thus have a lower percentage of employee theft.
Designing and customizing the right combination of security tools and equipment takes the care and precision of the Pro Designs team. Our work will help you increase positive work output and enhance loss prevention procedures. We will work closely with you to identify your boundaries, and to install an integrated security system that fits your security needs like a glove.

Modern day access control systems may integrate a combination of well-defined identifiers in an effort to minimize loss and to increase security:

  • A Tangible, hand held item – Standard access control systems are operated with a Swipe card key or key FOB.
  • Memorization –Users must enter a password or user ID.
  • A Unique Identifier –Biometrics control access, fingerprint, palm print, or a retina scan.

Video Surveillance and CCTV

Accurately installed video surveillance and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) has the ability to do much more than just keep unauthorized individuals out. When strategically placed, cameras can provide an extra set of reliable eyes and ears to aid in the security of people, places, and things. Cameras serve the purpose of monitoring inappropriate activity, and provide documentation of publicly accessible areas.

Alarm Systems

Burglary alarm systems most certainly alert the police, however, with an integrated system an intrusion can immediately prompt a camera to capture footage or redirect surveillance to a specified area of concern. Pro Designs also installs alarms that assist the injured or disabled who are in dire need of assistance.