Audio Visual/Paging and Intercom Systems

Market and endorse your business with a Customized Audio Visual System

When entertaining prospective employees and potential clients, presentation is everything.  Furnish your building, meeting room, or training facility with revolutionary audio visual solutions from leading manufacturers. Equipment options range from LED flat panel displays to scroll down ceiling mounts and rear projection systems. Also ask us about Sound Masking. Similar technology is used for paging systems and Sound Masking. Paging systems are a great tool used to rapidly broadcast and magnify messages throughout the entire building, office, or just to a more centralized area.

Video Solutions

Broadcast messages around the globe with either pre-recorded video, live broadcasts, or conferencing processes.

Audio Systems

Assemble an audio system with a riveting sound that will resonate in the mind of the listener.

Sound Masking

Consult with Pro Designs about privacy and the advantages of Sound Masking to eliminate unwanted noise at home, at work, and in protected facilities where confidentiality is vital.